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TBG TECH Co. LLC, a registered distributor of record, capable of supplying large quantities of FDA Approved: Face Masks/Respirators/Nasal Screens/Medical Gowns/Nitrile-Latex Gloves/Sanitizers & Sanitizing Wet-Wipes/UV- powered Dissinfection Tunnels & Gates w. Organic, natural noninvasive carriers/Body Temperature scanners/Face Mask Integrity Scanners/COIVD19 Tests/ Flexible API Security Infrastructure aimed at combatting, detecting, preventing and limiting exposure and spread of COVID19

Our mission

To import and distribute fda approved, leading brand name quality PPE products and develop and deliver flexible security solutions and services that supports and improves national health, and helps combat pandemic outbreaks, supporting federal, state and local governments, first responders & frontline workers.

Vendor Profile

DUNS: 061297401


Primary NAICS: TBD